Waterloo /// 27

Waterloo. It’s a battle that’s on the top of every list of decisive battles in human history. It’s a day that changed the world forever. It’s the nail in the coffin for one of the greatest military leaders in human history and it’s all covered on Battlecast, the world’s foremost podcast on war and its socio-political impact.

Download episode 27 here: download

Battle Maps:

Map of the battlefield. The French are in blue. The British are in red.

Waterloo: Day of Battle by David Howarth
The Fifteen Most Decisive Battles of the World by Edward Creasy 
The Face of Battle by John Keegan
With Napolean at Waterloo by Mackenzie Mcbride and Edward Bruce
Waterloo by Alessandro Barbero
Waterloo: 1815 by Thierry Lentz
Napoleon: A Life by Andrew Roberts
Napoleon: A Concise Biography by David Bell

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