The Definitive Historical Atlas of the Battle of Berlin

Maps: The Battle of Berlin Block by Block – A Series of Maps by Day and Place: Appendix 1: Maps and Illustrations References: Berlin 1945: A Documentation. (1995). Edited by Reinhard Rurup and translated by Pamela Selwyn.  Berlin 1945: The Final reckoning by Karl Bahm Berlin Diaries 1940-1945 by Marie Vassiltchikov The Fall of Berlin,… Continue reading The Definitive Historical Atlas of the Battle of Berlin

A Short Introduction to Geopolitics

Gérard Chaliand and Jean-Pierre Rageau  Editor’s Introduction: This short selection from Gérard Chaliand and Jean-Pierre Rageaus’ excellent introduction to the field of geopolitics (1993) provides a succinct and comprehensive overview of the key thinkers and ideas in geopolitical thinking. Anyone interested in geopolitics would do well to begin their inquiry with Chaliand and Rageaus’ atlas. … Continue reading A Short Introduction to Geopolitics

Christmas from Another World: The Ancient Music of Kemper Crabb

L.P Hartly famously said, “The past is another country; they do things differently there.” Christmas is the most important holiday in the Western World, but how was it celebrated a thousand years ago – in Hartly’s “other country?” Kemper Crabb opens the book of time and turns the pages back a thousand years with his… Continue reading Christmas from Another World: The Ancient Music of Kemper Crabb

What are American Core Values?

What are American Core Values? Journalists, politicians, religious leaders, and even large companies often assert that citizen or employee actions violate “our core values.” However, these same individuals rarely define what “our core values” are. For instance, Joe Biden claims over ten times on one policy document that President Trump has undermined “our values.” His… Continue reading What are American Core Values?

Star Wars and the Concept of Power

Regular listeners to Battlecast will note I often define power as the capacity to nullify the enemy. Some listeners have written in asking what does that really mean? Watch this Star Wars clip and I’ll answer their question below. Darth Vader and the Concept of Power In this clip, Darth Vader clearly encapsulates the concept… Continue reading Star Wars and the Concept of Power