Braveheart: William Wallace and the Battle for Scotland /// 39

William Wallace is an enigmatic figure – most of what we know about him was written by his enemies but tonight we go deep down the rabbit hole to find every shred of evidence that we know about his life. It’s an epic tale complete with guerilla warfare, vicious torture, and the making and breaking of several kingdoms. Many houses will rise and many will fall – it’s like Game of Thrones but it all really happened. It’s all here and it’s all for free on Battlecast – the world’s foremost podcast on war and its sociopolitical impact.

Download Braveheart episode 39 here: Braveheart download


Battle of Stirling Bridge
Battle of Stirling Bridge

Campaign of Falkirk 1298


Scotland: The Story of a Nation by Magnus Magnusson

A Short History of England by Simon Jenkins

Stirling Bridge and Falkirk, 1297-1298 by Pete Armstrong

In the Footsteps of William Wallace by Alan Young and Michael J. Stead

Freedom’s Sword by Pete Traquair

William Wallace: The King’s Enemy by D.J. Gray

William Wallace: The True Story of Braveheart by Chris Brown

William Wallace: Man and Myth by Graeme Morton

Medieval Britain, c. 1000-1500 by David Crouch

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