El Narco: The Mexican Drug War /// 41

Today we’re diving back into a war that has touched all our lives – the Mexican Drug War. It’s the deaths behind so many parties across the length and breadth of North America – the sin behind the fun – the endless pain that birthed endless euphoria. It’s a war that lays bare our true values, our real core beliefs. It’s a war that shows us the true meaning of politics; and it’s a war with violence out of a Dario Argento film. I’m going to introduce you to the Pozolero – the stew maker – who liquidated bodies in large vats of bubbling hot caustic soda. I’m going to tell you about Decena Guzman, who turned an elite special forces squad into one of the most feared and dangerous cartels in the history of mankind. Today’s show has crucifixions and decapitations – heads sewn onto soccer balls – and it all stems from you and me – from American and Canadian and even Australian drug users. It’s all free and it’s all on Battlecast – the world’s foremost podcast about war and its sociopolitical impact.

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