Leslie Bull Allen: Australian Hero /// 50

Leslie Bull Allen: orphan, pig farmer, day laborer, hero.

Seventeen: that’s how many wounded and helpless men were saved from direct modern combat by Bull Allen – a man beyond measure. Bull braved dangers that actually drove him insane. The thing is: he didn’t have to do it. He volunteered to do the impossible. There are those who say heroes aren’t real; they never really existed. But today’s show proves them all wrong. Leslie Bull Allen is a real hero. Hundreds of Americans and Australians are alive today because of his actions. We can say with Faramir: “Australia must be a truly great realm where pig farmers are held in high honor.” Here is a man who braved machine gun fire and Bushido ethics to save the lives of Americans he never met before. Here is a man who bit his tongue and did his duty no matter the cost. Here is a hero.

It’s all here and it’s all for free on Battlecast – the world’s foremost podcast on war and its sociopolitical impact.

Today’s episode is a partial sequel to episode 16 on the battle of Kokoda. You can find it here.

Download episode 50: here.


After the war, Bull Allen worked as a day laborer and farmer
Bull Allen’s Silver Star
The area around Wau saw heavy fighting
As did the area around Mount Tambu


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