A Military History of the Cuban Revolution /// 56

During the 1950s, two wealthy brothers named Fidel and Raul Castro, along with their Argentinian medical doctor Che Guevara Lynch, upturned the entire Western hemisphere. Whole industries, where Americans had spent tens of millions of dollars on gambling or prostitution, were suddenly wiped out. Hundreds of thousands of Cubans fled the advent of Castro’s regime – transforming the political, cultural, and social landscape of Southern Florida forever. Public executions were carried out. The Soviet Union gained a staunch ally ninety miles from the coast of the United States. Untold numbers of Cubans lost everything they owned. A few years later, Castro’s foreign policy very nearly inaugurated World War III. And it all started with a ragtag group of workers led by the sons and daughters of Cuba’s wealthy elite. It wasn’t the poor of Cuba who instigated the Revolution – there were more children of poverty fighting for Batista’s corrupt regime. No, it was the idle children of the rich who upturned a nation – and the entire balance of world foreign relations. This is their story.

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Maps and Illustrations

From (Anderson, 1997)
From (Thomas, 1971)
Raul Castro and Che Guevara Lynch (Thomas, 1971)
The Moncada Barracks after the battle on July 26th. From (Thomas, 1971)
Insurgents in prison after the failed coup on July 26. Castro is in the front. From (Thomas, 1971)
From (Thomas, 1971)


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Fidel Castro speaks by Fidel Castro

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Fidel Castro speeches by Fidel Castro

Revolutionary struggle 1947-1958 by Fidel Castro

A revolution can only be born through culture and ideas by Fidel Castro

My early years by Fidel Castro

Nothing can stop the course of history by Fidel Castro

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The fourth floor: an account of the Castro Communist Revolution by Earl Smith

El jefe del Pelotón Suicida by Larry Morales

Inside the Cuban Revolution by Julia Sweig

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