American Sniper: Chris Kyle – An Historical Atlas

The following maps and illustrations serve as a complement to episode 74 of Battlecast detailing the history of Chris Kyle – America’s greatest sniper and the Second Battle of Fallujah.

Modern Iraq (Rayburn & Sobchak 2019)
This map highlights the three areas where Chris Kyle saw the most action (Burling, 2016).
Military atlas of the Second Battle of Fallujah where Kyle saw the most action (Rayburn & Sobchak 2019).

American Sniper: Chris Kyle – A Life in Photos

Chris Kyle’s childhood was often spent outdoors. In many childhood photos, Chris is pictured with toy firearms (Kyle, Mcewan, & Defelice, 2012).
Chris Kyle pictured with his brother. The two remained close friends into adulthood. Notice the firearms (Kyle, Mcewan, & Defelice, 2012).
Chris Kyle pictured in his Midlothian High football uniform (Burling, 2016).
Kyle’s senior yearbook photo (Burling, 2016).
Chris Kyle manhandling cattle (Kyle, Mcewan, & Defelice, 2012).
The official badge of a Navy Seal (Burling, 2016).
Soon after becoming a Navy Seal Chris met his wife Taya. The couple would later have two children (Kyle, Mcewan, & Defelice, 2012).
Kyle and Taya (Burling, 2016).
Kyle in Fallujah (Kyle, Mcewan, & Defelice, 2012).
A sniper nest Chris occupied. The snipers often operated from roofs (Kyle, Mcewan, & Defelice, 2012).
Another of Kyle’s sniping positions (Kyle, Mcewan, & Defelice, 2012).
Sometimes the snipers operated from within buildings. Notice the upturned crib the sniper is using as a makeshift firing stand (Kyle, Mcewan, & Defelice, 2012).
Kyle awarded for his Fallujah service (Kyle, Mcewan, and Defelice, 2012).
(Kyle, Mcewan, & Defelice, 2012).
Ryan Job (Kyle, Mcewan, & Defelice, 2012).
(Kyle, Mcewan, & Defelice, 2012)
Chris Kyle draws a bead (Burling, 2016).
Chris enjoyed hunting and shooting after he left the military (Burling, 2016).
Kyle often trained civilians and soldiers in the years after his military service (Kyle, Mcewan, & Defelice, 2012).
Mugshot of Eddie Ray Routh – the man who shot and killed Kyle
Rough Creek Lodge – the site of Chris Kyle’s assassination (Burling, 2016).
A scene from Chris Kyle’s funeral (Burling, 2016).
Kyle’s final resting place in Texas (KVUE Staff, 2016).

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Headstone placed at Chris Kyle gravesite. KVUE Staff.

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