The Battle of Ia Drang – Historical Atlas

Maps and Illustrations:

Battle of Ia Drang regional map (Coleman, 1988)
Another map of the Central Highlands. Notice the proximity of Cambodia and the Chu Pong Massif (Ngyuen, 2018).
Opening movements prior to the Battle of Ia Drang (Summer, 1999).
(Head, 2020)
Movement of relief force to aid the Americans at Ia Drang (Head, 2020).
Two NVA soldiers are interrogated on the first day of the battle. Notice the thick vegetation (Hemingway, 2003).
(Head, 2020).
M102 Howitzers supported the Americans throughout the battle (Leonard, nd).

(Hasset, 2021)

Harold Moore during the Battle of Ia Drang (Head, 2020).
A casualty is evacuated from Ia Drang (Hemingway, 2003)
(Head, 2020)
Presidential advisor Robert McNamara briefed the press everyday during the battle (Harris et al., 2020).
The Chu Pong Massif today (Harris et al., 2020).


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