A Short Introduction to Geopolitics

Gérard Chaliand and Jean-Pierre Rageau  Editor’s Introduction: This short selection from Gérard Chaliand and Jean-Pierre Rageaus’ excellent introduction to the field of geopolitics (1993) provides a succinct and comprehensive overview of the key thinkers and ideas in geopolitical thinking. Anyone interested in geopolitics would do well to begin their inquiry with Chaliand and Rageaus’ atlas. … Continue reading A Short Introduction to Geopolitics

Show 23: Christmas at the Battle of the Bulge

Christmas, 1944. The weakest sector of the American line is getting ready to celebrate the Yuletide when Nazi Germany, like a second-Mordor, disgorged multiple armies no one knew Hitler even had into the green American troops. The tide of steel was overwhelming. Hundreds of thousands of men would die. Hundreds of thousands of mothers would… Continue reading Show 23: Christmas at the Battle of the Bulge