Clearing Hell: Episode 10 Trailer

Check out the trailer for episode 10: Clearing Hell – the Battle of Iwo Jima part 3. Notice the extensive use of flamethrowers. Because of the difficult terrain, which often mitigated the effective use of tanks, the Marines relied on flamethrowers. You can see them in action on Iwo Jima in the trailer footage. Below the trailer, a Marine tells the story of what it was like to wield the flamethrower on Iwo Jima.

Coming Soon: Episode 9 – Storming Hell; The Battle of Iwo Jima part 2

In this episode, Luke and Chris will take you through the horrors of the kamikaze, the storming of Mount Suribachi, and an iconic moment in American history. It’s all free and it’s all for you, dear listeners. I want to thank Mark for the six pack and for being our number one fan. Chris wants… Continue reading Coming Soon: Episode 9 – Storming Hell; The Battle of Iwo Jima part 2

Bonuscast Episode 3

Here is episode 3 of Bonuscast – the website-only show where Luke and Chris discuss their lamentable contribution to the hierarchical patriarchy and drink beer. Topics include gaming, children, travel, Chris’s procrastination, Star Wars, and how our wives hate our podcast. Thanks go out to Ron from Atlanta for donating to the beer fund!… Continue reading Bonuscast Episode 3

Philosopher Vs. Philosopher

It’s time for philosopher versus philosopher. This month we have American John Dewey, firmly representing America’s faith in progress, versus Niccolò Machiavelli, representing political realism. Both men are smart. Both men are rational. They proceed from what the Japanese would call two different “ways.” It is precisely their unproven beginning points, what Van Til would… Continue reading Philosopher Vs. Philosopher