Coming Soon: Death Forest – The Battle of Teutoburg Forest

In the upcoming episode of Battlecast, we feature the man who saved Germany – before it was even born. His name was Arminius and he was an unlikely hero of the German people. Trained and mentored by the Romans, Arminius led his people at the decisive battle of Teutoburg Forest. The German people were threatened with slavery, 140,000 were enslaved by the Romans on one day alone. The brothels and mines of Rome teamed with Germans. Arminius saw them and took pity, like a latter-day Moses. He would free them from the Roman shackles or die trying. It’s all for free and it’s only on Battlecast, the world’s foremost podcast on military history and its socio-political impact.

We also want to thank Danny from Montreal for buying us a round. We appreciate him and we appreciate everyone who listens and supports the show. Thanks for making the show so successful. I also want to thank James and everyone at the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Stay safe out there!



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