Episode 5: The Battle of Cannae

Join Chris and Luke in the North Georgia Bunker as they recount the Battle of Cannae. The beer this month is Peroni, 3 bullets out of 5. Note this map is dated wrong, the battle took place in 216 B.C. http://media.blubrry.com/429895/archive.org/download/BattlecastBattleofCannae/Battlecast%20Cannae.mp3 Download link: download Map of battle locations: Book References: Rome and Carthage by T.A.… Continue reading Episode 5: The Battle of Cannae

Light Reading

Reading up on the Battle of Stalingrad. We’re thinking of starting season 2 with the battle. Just reading about it has been harrowing so far. Thanks go out to Ricky and everybody at the East Ridge, Tennessee police force. I’m praying for your safety out there. Thanks for listening. I appreciate and value you!

Thank you!

Thanks go out to Reese and Nathaneal for the five star reviews on iTunes. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. I also want to thank Natalie at the Lexington, Kentucky Waffle House for telling the patrons about us. Thanks for the email, Natalie. Keep working night shift!

Episode 4: Battle of Atlanta Part 2

Join Chris and Luke in the Atlanta Ivory Tower as they discuss the battle of Atlanta and drink beer. The beer this episode is Sweetwater Blue, bunker grade: 3.5 out of 5 bullets. http://media.blubrry.com/429895/archive.org/download/BattleofAtlantaPart2Final/battle%20of%20atlanta%20part%202%20final.mp3 Download Episode 4 here: download Picture Credits: “War is Hell” by Mort Kunstler References: The Siege of Atlanta by Samuel Carter… Continue reading Episode 4: Battle of Atlanta Part 2